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Stalked: Iron Man photo and Dushku, Rickman serves wine

ElizaDushku.jpgRobert Downey Jr. has been photographed testing out the Iron Man armour on set, and Elisha Dushku is joining Bill Pullman and Alan Rickman in Bottle Shock.

There's a cool photo of Robert Downey Jr. testing out his Iron Man armour online, and it looks pretty good, and that's without CGI. The photo is over at Downey Unlimited through Entertainment Weekly and ScreenRant.

Elisha Dushku, Bill Pullman, Alan Rickman, Chris Pine and Rachael Taylor have signed up for Randall Miller's Bottle Shock. The film tells the story of the beginning of the Napa Valley wine industry in the 1970's, beginning with the international wine tasting competition that saw the Californian wine cause an upset. Sounds…well…it doesn't sound that interesting at all really, and I'm a lover of wine! The story comes from Rope of Silicon.



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