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Stalked: New Cloverfield photo, Shazam! gets writer

Cloverfield.jpgPeople are getting over excited about the Cloverfield official site as another photo appears online. Also Shazam! gets a screenwriter.

The latest Cloverfield photograph shows some blurred figures running away from something that you can’t see. One soldier stands between the two figures of running civilians. That’s it, and yet people are going mad trying to analyse every detail. You can see it at the Colverfield site through /Film.

It seems that screenwriter John August has signed up to write the screenplay for Shazam!, the story of the young boy who says the word and becomes a superhero. August has written Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Big Fish, both Charlies Angels, Titan A.E., Go, and so on. The story is from the LA Times through Comic Book Movie.

August said that he’s worried about audience fatigue at comic book movies, something I take issue with. The audience are no more bored with comic book movies than they are with book adaptations or remakes, it’s the quality of the films that the audience are bored with. Make a good one and they’ll go see it. The question is, will Shazam! be one of them?



I agree with you. Hollywood has truly dried up of good ideas.

I was recently perusing IMDB and noticed no less than 15 remakes and sequels to be released in 2008.

I am sick of the rehashes when their content is so tired.


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