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Stalked: Pan's Labyrinth download, Simpsons competitions and Ratatouille footage

SimponsMovie.jpgDownload Pan's Labyrinth online, and legally, enter the Simpsons Movie competitions, and see some test footage from Pixar's Ratatouille.

In an article the other day about new clips for Pan's Labyrinth (Filmstalker review) I missed that the eight new clips were being released because the film was now available for download and viewing. You can see the clips here on Filmstalker, and see the download service, as well as download Pan's Labyrinth, at the Channel 4 On Demand site.

There's a Simpsons Movie competition that sounds pretty cool. The Simpsons Movie Donut Challenge asks you to find four hidden glazed donuts that are both online and in real life. Just head to the site and find out ore and how you can enter. The site also has information on another Simpsons competition, the Sofa Photo Challenge. Like the start of the show, some UK cinemas will feature a Simpsons sofa. Head over there with the family, take a silly photo and upload it to the site, funniest picture wins.

Over the page are a couple of test animations from Pixar made for the film Ratatouille, mainly to experiment with the rat movements - calm down, they are CGI, they're not experimenting on rats! Interestingly all the human characters in the film do not have any toes. It seems the usually detailed Pixar animators decided on a few time saving exercises, and the toes got the chop! The clips are below.



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