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Stalked: Southland Tales release and Sahara trial

SouthlandTales.jpgRichard Kelly's Southland Tales finally gets a release date in U.S. and possibly Germany while Clive Cussler's court case against the Sahara studio drags on till September.

Southland Tales is finally set to get a release. Samuel Goldwyn Films will release the film to U.S. audiences on November the 9th in a deal alongside Destination Films and Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions Group, according to Variety. Does that mean we're going to see a worldwide release? According to IMDB Germany is set for release on the same day. Finally.

The court case between Clive Cussler and Philip Anschutz's Crusader Entertainment over the troubled film Sahara continues. Despite the near four month trial resulting in the jury awarding US$5 million to Clive Cussler in damages for economic loss and Crusader ordered to pay Cussler close to US$8.5 million for the rights to a second novel, the decision has been delayed until September.

The Jury decision was advisory and according to Variety it required another decision by a separate Judge. This hearing occurred on Tuesday, and after hearing arguments from both sides the Judge has left himself until September to decide. At that time he could reverse the decision, award nothing, or even award more.

I doubt there's ever a chance we're going to see another Dirk Pitt adventure anytime soon. If at all.



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