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Stalked: Vietnam Rebel released and Saw IV posters

SawIV.jpgThe Saw IV poster is official, and the U.S. one is less dramatic, meanwhile the Weinsteins continue to buy foreign as the biggest Vietnam film ever gets bought for international release.

The Weinstein company have purchased the rights to the biggest Vietnamese film of all time by Charlie Nguyen, Dong mau anh hung, otherwise known as The Rebel. They've acquired the rights to North America, UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

The film is set in French occupied Vietnam during the 1920's and is filled with action as an agent tries to find the resistance groups but actually ends up joining them. The story comes from Variety.

The Saw IV poster we saw yesterday with Jigsaw's head sitting in a weighing machine has been confirmed as the official International poster for the film direct from Comic Con. However the U.S. Poster isn't quite as good, although to be fair it is starting to grow on me. At least it has blood! The image is over at Bloody Disgusting.



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