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Stalked: Zodiac Director's Cut and Tekken casting call

Zodiac_Poster.jpgThere's a new Zodiac DVD coming out on release and a casting call for Tekken is online.

Zodiac is to receive a special Director's Cut in what seems like a rather short space of time. The good news is that this one will feature an excellent audio commentary with David Fincher, Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Downey, Jr., screenwriter James Vanderbilt, producer Brad Fischer, and crime novelist James Ellroy, as well as a great feature that provides an in-depth look into the actual Zodiac murders with interviews from those involved. There aren't many other details from the IGN story, but the commentary and that feature should be enough to secure interest.

It looks like Tekken is going forward then, as Moviehole have a snippet of the casting call for the film. Rehearsal dates are for September of this year with principal photography in November. Here's what Clint has on the story:

"The film is based on the Namco videogame TEKKEN is a near future "Gladiator" style action film. It tells the story of Jin Kazama, a twenty-something street fighter who embarks on a journey to avenge his mother's death at the hands of The TEKKEN Corporation and its CEO Heihachi Mishima. Jin travels a hero's journey into the heart of TEKKEN city and the Ironfist fighting tournament,which is the greatest mixed martial arts competition in the world. He discovers his true identity and fulfils his destiny as the rightful heir to TEKKEN."

The call for Jin is looking for someone who looks tough for their early twenties age, Asian or Asian/American, natural athlete and/or someone who knows their martial arts.




These Tekken fillmmakers Crystal Sky have no idea what to do with series and I heard that the Moviehole website that Dwight Little is directing the live action Tekken film and Jin Kazuma as the lead fighter,all of this is false and not true and the screenwriters have screwed up the storyline and Namco should be involved to talk to them to rewite the script again and the storyline should be based
on the Tekken 2.
The Tekken movie should be about Kazuya Mishima and the Devil Gene and also Jun Kazuma and the fighters from Tekken 2.
Forget DOA:Dead or Alive because the movie is all lame and cheesy so Tekken the movie should be a start the beginning with kazuya as the lead and Ronny Yu should be a director.
Thank You.

I'm just about to watch the DOA film, and I'm going in expecting nothing but cheese.

What would you want to see in a Tekken film then?


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