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Star Trek poster and Spocks confirmed

StarTrek_Poster.jpgThe rumours are confirmed. Leonard Nimoy is to star in the new Star Trek as the old Spock, and the young Spock will be played by Zachary Quinto.

When Leonard Nimoy was asked about the casting of Zachary Quinto he said that “it was logical”. You have to laugh.

Still, it makes you wonder what is actually going to be the storyline. With Spock appearing as young and old and no other character appearing in their older form, the question is hanging high, what's the plot? I'm thinking we're in for a fireside tale from the future with the older living Vulcan reminiscing about his younger life with his human friends. Or maybe there's a Vulcan ritual where they have to relive their key events before death...who knows.

Variety have the story about the two Spock's being cast, meanwhile they also revealed the new Star Trek poster from Comic-Con. I'm quite surprised that it is so retro. I know the film is going to take us back to the young adventures (something I'm still not totally agreeing with) but the poster makes me think straight to the TV series.

I wonder if J.J. Abrams is going to surprise everyone and film a nice little teaser shot against a set identical to that from the TV series? That would be a great stunt. Just do a proper scene from the film and place it right in the middle of that old set...with the old costumes too. That would keep everyone guessing!

Anyway, you can see the new poster over at /Film through dtheatre. What do you think of it? There's not that much to it to be fair. While you can't really see on the small version here, the stardate is set for 12.25.08, for the rest of the world that's 25/12/2008.



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