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Steve Carell in and as Smart

SteveCarell.jpgMaxwell Smart (Steve Carell) the bumbling Agent 86 for 'Control', Anne Hathaway as the more competent Agent 99 and The Rock (credited as Dwayne Johnson) as Agent 23, they'll be taking on the evil organisation of Kaos. Sounding at all familiar? Yes, Get Smart is indeed based on the popular 60's TV Series of the same name.

Admittedly I've never seen it, but it does seem like it's got good potential. Check out the teaser trailer over at /Film. Maybe the success of this may spawn off a film of The Man from Uncle, that I did watch & love as a kid.

Written by Ramchandra, edited by Louise



this is some really good casting news imo.

steve is one of, if not my favorite commedian these days. anne isn't anyone's joke, and if anyone's seen the show, just THINKING of the rock as agent 23 illicits at least a chuckle. i'm really interested and shocked that I hadnt' heard anything about this yet.

thanks for the heads up!


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