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Straightheads R2 DVD release

Straightheads.jpgVerve Pictures have just announced the UK Region 2 release of Straightheads, the film written and directed by Dan Reed and starring Gillian Anderson and Danny Dyer in a very dark thriller.

There are some nice additions and the specifications look good.

1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
English DD2.0
English Audio Description (DD2.0) and English subtitles
Commentary by director Dan Reed and stars Gillian Anderson and Danny Dyer
Deleted Footage with optional commentary by director and stars (29mins)
Behind-the-Scenes (B-Roll, 7:11mins)
Cast Interviews (EPK, 21:39mins)

I'm slightly disappointed by the Straightheads Dolby Digital stereo audio track, I find that a surprise considering the other extras that are on the disc. The commentary sounds packed, and even the Deleted Footage carries the same quality of commentary, so why is the audio track so poor?

The news comes from DVD Times who have the specifications and the cover art. Despite the lowly audio track, the rest of the DVD looks good.



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