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Sugarhouse trailer online

AndySerkis.jpgA new trailer has appeared for the British film Sugarhouse which stars Andy Serkis as a crazed maniac and Steven Mackintosh as the man pitted against him.

Andy Serkis looks scary as anything in the trailer for Sugarhouse which looks to be slickly directed by first time director Gary Love.

You can see a behind the scenes walkthrough from Ashley Walters on the official site and there's also a new blog for the film.

Here's the full write up for the film from the official blog:

Tom (Steven Mackintosh) is a middle-class city boy whose life has reached breaking point. D (Ashley Walters) is a young crack-head: smart, witty, desperate. Tom is completely out of his depth when he finds himself in D's abandoned warehouse attempting to do a "deal" with the energetic, volatile drug addict. The two enter into an irrational, deadly game of cat and mouse. The tense drama escalates when psychotic local crime-lord Hoodwink (Andy Serkis) wakes up to find his snub nose gun missing.

You can see the trailer exclusively over at The Sun online [Flash:Embed].

Word is that this film is going to be pretty strong. Also, if you head over to the blog you can hear about the exclusive screenings, and maybe even get in on one.



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