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Sweeny Todd poster

SweenyTodd.jpgA poster has appeared online for Sweeny Todd, and it's looking good.

It's dark, broody, and looks casually menacing. Looking at the character I am reminded of Helena Bonham Carter's character in Harry Potter!

The Sweeny Todd film is going to be a musical based on the Broadway hit, and will tell the story of Benjamin Barker who became Sweeny Todd, a man who begins a barber shop in London and forms sinister ties with the fellow tenant Mrs Lovett who owns the meat pie shop beneath him. Together they begin to punish those that have done Barker wrong in his past, and her pies become much tastier.

Sweeny Todd looks like a lot of fun, particularly as it is directed by Tim Burton with Johnny Depp in the lead. The poster gives a lot of that feeling and you can see it in a larger size over at Rope of Silicon.



Ah Richard you forgot to mention the genius behind this musical, the great Stephen Sondheim! What a sacrilege! Hehehe...

I dig the poster and it will definitely be the "holiday" movie I plan I to see! ; )


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