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Tartan Video backs Blu-Ray

BluRayvsHDDVD.jpg Tartan Video who distributes a lot of the foreign film has taken a step into the 'High Definition' world and seems to have chose the Blu-Ray format.

From DVD Times we have the following:

Tartan Video will make the move into High Definition later this summer and have today announced their decision to go with the Blu-ray Disc format. Arriving on 27th August 2007 is Paul Verhoven's war epic, Black Book and a special 50th Anniversary Edition of Ingmar Bergman's classic, The Seventh Seal. A month later on 24th September 2007 fans of Asian cinema can pick up Park Chan-Wook's revenge thriller Oldboy.

All titles are making their worldwide Blu-ray Disc debut and in an interesting move will come packaged with the DVD edition of each film to "allow consumers who have yet to invest in Blu-ray technology the opportunity to enjoy the films on existing players at no additional cost as they invest for the future. "

Good to see they are throwing in DVD's too, it makes up for the dual-format discs that the HD-DVD have been doing on occasion. It seems to me that the only thing Blu-Ray has a disadvantage with currently is the price, which is bound to drop given time I'm sure.

Written by Ramchandra, edited by Louise



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