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The Birds remake script reviewed

TheBirds_Poster.jpgThere's news of that awful The Birds remake that appears to be still ongoing, and it doesn't sound good. Not just news though, but a complete script review, and while the changes might sound horrendous, the script review isn't all bad.

Apparently we'll be seeing the location moved to Texas and the lead will become an extremely poor single mother with two children. This is from the small port village of Bodega Bay and with a rich and very quirky socialite playing the lead.

Okay, changes aren't necessarily bad things, so let's see what comes out of the script review from IESB through AITH. Well, surprisingly the reviewer likes it, although once you read the review you might reconsider yourself, especially since he seems such a keen Michael Bay fan.

The script is slow to begin and apparently builds characters and relationships well. When the action starts happening there are lots of bird point of view shots, explosions, a helicopter crash, all that kind of thing. He also says that the ending is good.

This all surprises me to be honest, remaking a Hitchcock film is a terrible thing to attempt at the best of times, but to pick something as quirky as The Birds is just crazy.

The article at AITH picks up on another great point, the writers for this remake. Juliet Snowden and Stiles White wrote Boogeyman.

I'm with Eric, there's just no need to remake such a great film, and it is a strong sign that certain people and sections of Hollywood are devoid of imagination and talent...oh yes, and film making skills. This is a disaster which is already happening.



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