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The Bourne Ultimatum trailer in various formats

BourneUltimatum.jpgThe latest Bourne Ultimatum trailer has been around for a little while, but while I was away I received some links for the trailer in various formats and sizes.

It's strange because I saw this on my PC and thought it looked really good, but seeing it playing on the big screen it feels too close up and shaky cam for its own good, once again. I'm concerned that we'll end up missing all the action and the finer points of Matt Damon's action and excellent hand to hand fighting scenes in favour of too much style.

Here are the trailer links.

Quicktime: High, Medium and Low
Realplayer: High, Medium and Low
Windows Media Player: High, Medium and Low

You can still see the teaser right here. What do you think of it? Too much or do you really like that style?



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