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The Echo remake gains original cast

Sigaw_Poster.jpgThere has been another name announced for the remake of Yam Laranas' Sigaw as the Hollywood film The Echo, once again directed by Laranas.

We've already heard that Jesse Bradford and Amelia Warner have joined the film, now news comes through that Iza Calzado, who starred in the original, will join the remake.

Iza Calzado will once again play the role of the abused wife in a story that tells of a man who gets caught up in a strange case of domestic abuse in his new apartment block. From neighbours who live in a flat that is supposed to be empty. Also announced is Scottish actress Louise Linton as her best friend.

According to Allan Anova, who has the casting news, Laranas was overjoyed:

"Oh, thank God!... I really fought for her… I can shoot all her scenes in three weeks."

I really enjoyed Yam Laranas' Sigaw (Filmstalker review), and it showed that he has a great grasp of storytelling, tension, suspense, and a great mix of styles, particularly that of Asian horror. Now it will be very interesting to see what he can make of a Hollywood budget, cast and studio behind him.

It's also great news that he's managed to retain one of the original stars in the film. I actually find it surprising that he's managing to retain so much control over the film and the process when we hear so many negative stories about talent coming to Hollywood from overseas. Not just hear mind you, but see in the end result too. This time, I'm extremely hopeful for The Echo.



yup me too. :) i like iza very much.

iza calzado is a very fine actress here in the philippines. she also has a new horror movie released last july 25 entitled "Ouija" aka "Seance" (international title). some of the scenes were shot in the underground cemetery of camiguin. ouija is the latest critically acclaimed horror film here in manila.jaz thought you might want to know. here's my email: mark_rodil24@yahoo.com


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