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The Golden Compass five minute trailer

TheGoldenCompass.jpgThere's an extended trailer online for His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass, now just The Golden Compass online, and by extended I mean a good five minutes, and it's packed with special effects. Althogether the trailer tells a great story and brings us straight into the adventure.

This isn't the usual first five minutes of a film, or cobbled together footage, this has been carefully edited to tell a story without giving much away, and it does it really well.

Not only that but it's packed full of footage of the stars, and of the special effects from the film. All in all I'd say it looks stunningly good.

Yahoo Movies [Flash:Embed:480p:720p:1080p] have the footage through Coming Soon and Obsessed With Film. It comes in at four minutes and fifty eight seconds.

I had no idea about the story before and all I knew is that it religion played a large part of the story and that this had been removed from the film version, that had me wondering if it would work and if fans of the novels would enjoy it. This footage is most definitely turning me around.



It's official - Yahoo hates me. Damn HD's dont work :(

Mace, I had the same problem.

If you click on the HD links that are shown in the window where the Flash trailer is going to appear I found Quicktime opened but never downloaded anything.

If you click on the HD links underneath on the list of available trailers, I found it worked.


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