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The Green Hornet won't be a comedy

TheGreenHornet.jpgSeth Rogen has been talking about Green Hornet and what his plans are for the film. When the announcement was first made I immediately thought that this would become a comedy in the vein of Rogen's previous films, The 40 Year Old Green Hornet. However he's been addressing that thought and it might just be alright.

In the Q&A that followed a screening of Superbad at Comic-Con, Seth Rogen talked a little about The Green Hornet and was quite definite that this film was not a comedy. According to Coming Soon he said...

“...not a comedy, it's an action movie.”

Now that is good. Not only will it be interesting to see how he can take on the action and to a lesser degree the superhero genre, but it will also be interesting to see how he can bring The Green Hornet to life without the reliance on comedy.



Well thank God!
Now how much of a budget will he be getting?
Is that all he said about the project?

At the moment there's no other word, but I'll keep an eye out and see what I can find out.


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