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The Losers script review online

TheLosers.jpgI've just bought edition one of The Losers comic series to find out what the excitement is for this film treatment, and although I've yet to read it I've just found a script review online for the Peter Berg adaptation of the Andy Diggle comic.

Of course now Peter Berg is off the film as he's too busy doing Tonight, He Comes, or John Hancock as it's now called, and Tim Story is assigned to the film. So from here I would lower your expectations. I don't see John Hancock being a great film, and I don't see the Director of Fantastic Four doing a lot of good for this apparently cinematic comic series The Losers (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com). What would have been the best for all concerned is if Peter Berg had stayed on for Losers, and the script review seems to suggest that.

Reading through it there aren't any spoilers, it does cover the origin story of the group, but that's not a giveaway. Basically they are a team of elite soldiers who are double crossed and betrayed by their handler and/or agency. They are left for dead, in fact their agency tries to kill them. When the plan goes wrong, although the agency think they are dead, they get together to hunt down the people that set them up.

From all accounts it's a very strong story, and the script review over at Latino Review seems to say very similar things about the Peter Berg written version. The question is if the Tim Story version of The Losers will be as strong, or if it will fall back onto the Four style and lose a little of that harshness.



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