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Them (Ils) poster, release details

Ils.jpgI don't usually write about posters, but today there have been a few biggies. Cloverfield, Star Trek, and now Ils, or for those who don't speak French, Them (Filmstalker review).

The poster isn't anything tremendously exciting, but it does go with the typical trend of U.S. posters for foreign films revealing a little more than perhaps they should. Still, it's nothing major and it's a nice poster.

The film sees a couple move into a nice country cottage and begin a new life for themselves, however one night they start hearing noises outside. Then the phone rings and there are strange noises. Then before long there's someone, or something, in the house, and there's not just one of them any more. What's more is that the film is based on a true story.

It is a tremendously creepy and suspenseful film, capturing just about every scare and horror trick there is and making it work in the context of the film. It will frighten you half to death and then back again, and the biggest fright comes at the end.

Have a look at the trailer or a clip from the film (or maybe not), or even my review.

Not only do Bloody Disgusting have the poster, but they also have found release dates and locations in the U.S. as it is released from August this year.

I still prefer the original poster though.



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