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Transformers Megatron speaks and Captivity dentistry

Transformers.jpgTwo clips for you from different ends of the spectrum. One horror and rather disturbing clip from Captivity, and the other is from Transformers and our first listen at Megatron talking.

Two clips, the first is for Captivity, the film from Roland Joffé and starring Elisha Cuthbert that's been causing lot's of controversy. The clip has a scene of bad dentistry with the two captives strapped to chairs while their unknown captor starts to pull teeth - nice. Still I can't help but feel I have this all figured out before I even see it. You can see the clip over at HorrorMovies [Flash:Embed]

The second clip is from Transformers and features our first hearing of the voice of Megatron, as voiced by Hugo Weaving. I think he sounds pretty good, and more to the point the clip looks great. You can see it over the page. Shia LaBeouf took it to David Letterman's Late Show in the US.

From YouTube through Superhero Hype



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