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Two Face revealed in Dark Knight?

AaronEckhart.jpgAaron Eckhart has confirmed that Two Face will be in The Dark Knight film, something we aren't that surprised about since we heard before, and guessed. Yet there's something else given away that hints at how we're likely to find out about the character.

Okay so I'm sure you all know who is Two Face, and if you don't then I'd suggest you look away now and don't read anything else about the Dark Knight ever again.

Two Face is the other half of Harvey Dent, the District Attorney. Harvey Dent is a usually upstanding person, however something happens and a dark side comes out and before long he becomes Two Face.

The question is though, will we see the character appear in the film? Are we likely to see Harvey Dent becoming Two Face? The answer seems to be yes according to the actor who is playing Mr Dent, Aaron Eckhart.

"I play Harvet Dent. Harvey Two-Face. They are both in the movie...

...There are a few scenes I am dying to do. We’ve done a few…but the scene that I really want to do is in October...I don’t know. There might be anger involved. There might be tears. It might be a cathartic day. It might be a lot of love."

So the quote from MTV Movies Blog is quite vague, but it does suggest that we might get to see the birth of Two Face.

Meanwhile over at IESB they have a story from Dark Horizons where Eckhart says:

"Well I will only say that in Batman I am both Harvey Dent and Harvey Two-Face."

There's been a lot of concern that if two villains are included in the film then we might start to stray into the same territory that the previous Batman franchise did. I think they aren't going to be that stupid this time, if he is going to be appearing then it might just be like the Joker did in the first film, we're going to see his "calling card" as a lead on to the next film.



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