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Underworld 3 gains Director

Underworld.jpgPatrick Tatopoulos is set to be the Director of Underworld 3, the third and prequel of the franchise, taking over from Director Len Wiseman. There's still no word on if Kate Beckinsale will return, and although the rumours are suggesting she won't because it's a prequel, I don't agree.

If I remember rightly her character is a vampire and therefore pretty much immortal, and wasn't she involved in the taking down of the head vampire in the past? I'm sure that storyline came out in the first Underworld. So put those two together and she could well be in the prequel, the question is would she return?

Well if Kate Beckinsale willing to appear as Catwoman, surely she'd come back for Underworld 3.

The announcement comes from Comic-Con through Shock Till You Drop and HorrorMovies.ca. Patrick Tatopoulos worked on the special effects for the first two films and a ton of other horror and science fiction films.



It depends on how far back they go with the timeline. The most interesting parts of the 2nd movie took place before Beckinsale's character existed, but I imagine they'll lose some popcorn marketability by staying exclusively in that time.

I believe the story should move forward after all we are talking about a new breed (Scott) and seline now has the best bloodline and the abillity to be a day walker as well they should take advantage of their new position as the new Masters by becoming the alpha male and female, move the story up a 100years give them a few grown and powerful offspring??, or bring down both breeds and End the Tale????????


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