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Wahlberg in Saw IV and Righteous Kill

DonnieWahlberg.jpgDonnie Wahlberg has two upcoming film roles at either end of the acting spectrum. Not only has it just been revealed that he's to appear in Saw IV, but he's also set to star in the Al Pacino and Robert De Niro film, Righteous Kill.

Now beware, there are spoilers here for Saw III, so watch yourself…mind you, saying that I've already spoiled it in a way with the title!!

Apparently Wahlberg isn't that happy about appearing in the Saw franchise again, or perhaps the quote is an offhand remark meant to be taken with sarcasm, however he's pretty hard when he says of Saw IV:

"Yeah, I got a scene in it…They kept me alive. I told them I wanted to die in part three and they took out my death. I just lie there and nothing happens"

The quote comes through Bloody Disgusting, and while it does sound quite negative on the franchise, I do think it's meant with sarcasm. Either because he's not actually in it and he's having a laugh with us, or because he is and it's a running joke that he keeps coming back.

Now I had thought I had heard about his appearance in Righteous Kill before, but it seems I was wrong. Big Picture Radio point out the story from IGN and have an excellent quote from Donnie Wahlberg:

"I get to work with two of the greatest actors and drive to Boston every night. We start shooting in September, so it will be like going to school for me with two fantastic teachers."

I would guess that he's very excited about the role and the work ahead, and why shouldn't he be? I saw him in The Sixth Sense and Band of Brothers, but I didn't really realise who he was until after Boomtown.

That series was one I really enjoyed. It was there that I realised he was a very good actor, possible better than his brother, and yet his roles just never seem to match his promise. Perhaps that's why he's not as positive about the Saw appearance?



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