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Watchmen casting call for Dr. Manhattan?

Watchmen.jpgThere's a casting call out for Watchmen that reveals that perhaps that rumour casting list is more made up and fantasised than some would hope. The casting call is looking for four characters from the story, and one of them might just be Doctor Manhattan.

According to the Watchmen casting call they are looking for:

Sally: Laurie's mother, Sally is a former superhero: a beautiful, fit woman in her 30s (actress will play age 25 - 65). One of the original 'Watchmen'...

Moloch / Edgar Jacobi: Mid-Late 60s. This withered older man is a former supervillain, now dying of cancer, seen placing flowers on the grave of The Comedian. Recognized by Rorschach as The Comedian's former arch-enemy...

Big Figure: A midget supervillain, with silver hair combed neatly back and a big cigar in his mouth, Big Figure has a score to settle with superhero Rorschach...

Body Builder: Male, 5'10"-6'0" tall, natural or professional bodybuilder, really vascular and lean, in their physical prime. Performer used only for visual effects purposes.

The full casting call can be read over at Moviehole, but I'd suggest that unless you're familiar with the story that you don't read it, there are some story reveals in there that might just affect things for you.

So is the body builder character needed for the role of Doctor Manhattan? Sounds like a good bet to me.



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