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Watchmen casts Rorschach and Jupiter?

Watchmen.jpgTwo rumours of casting for Zack Snyder's Watchmen today. One is for Rorschach and the other is Sally Jupiter. Apparently both are now officially cast and we're likely to hear the announcements soon.

Rorschach is Jackie Earle Haley, a rumour we heard sometime ago, and Malin Akerman is Laurie Juspeczyk otherwise known as Silk Spectre.

Jackie Earle Haley plays Rorschach, the main character of the Watchmen tale who takes us through the entire story. He's the only remaining superhero who is remaining in operation illegally after the Government have shut them all down. Meanwhile other superheroes are being murdered around him and he's convinced there's a conspiracy behind it.

Malin Akerman has been in quite a few TV shows, including Entourage, and is soon to be seen in The Invasion, and is also in a number of films currently in production. She plays Sally Spectre, one of the superheroes that has given up her role and is now living with the real superhero of Doctor Manhattan.

Latino Review, who have both rumours, say that Billy Crudup is the one to play Doctor Manhattan. No offence to the actors rumoured to be involved, but this all seems a step away from Zack Snyder's original idea of big name A-List actors for all the roles.



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