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We Knew: Guy Ritchie's Gamekeeper

GuyRitchie.jpgSometimes I wonder what people are reading. 15th May of this year, the Filmstalker headline "Guy Ritchie turns to comic books". It tells the story of how he is developing new film projects through comic books with Virgin, and the first of those is Gamekeeper.

You can see the comic online at Virgin Comics by selecting Digital Comics from the menu.

At the time he said that this was raising more interest than his other projects, and that he was using the comic as the storyboarding process for the film. Here's the blurb at the time:

It tells the story of a Chechen hunter named Brock who comes across Russian agents torturing a foreigner. He steps in and saves the stranger, but this leads to the death of his own son and his own seclusion. He heads to Scotland and becomes a Gamekeeper on an estate, culling deer, warding off poachers and protecting his employer with a secret tied to those terrible events.

So today Variety, and the rest of the world, pop out with the story from some time ago. He's directing, but the most interesting part of the whole story is that Andy Diggle is writing. Diggle is the writer of the excellent The Losers, which is also making its way to the big screen.

The comic book actually looks quite good, I'd just be a little unsure of Guy Ritchie at the helm. I hope he's found something new to bring to the film and we're not going to be seeing more Lock, Stock and Snatch.



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