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Y: The Last Man gains D.J. Caruso

Y-TheLastMan.jpgD.J. Caruso is set to direct Y: The Last Man with Carl Ellsworth writing the screenplay adaptation. This teams the writer and director together again after their recent release Disturbia.

Pia Guerra and Brian K. Vaughn created the Y: The Last Man story about a strange plague that kills almost all the male creatures in the world, leaving a single man and his pet monkey. Both set out to find what happened to the male populations while the women of the world want him for other reasons.

I've got this book on my want list, but I've a pile of others to read through first. To me the story seems like it should have the Children of Men feel to it, and that the attachment of D.J. Caruso and Carl Ellsworth, according to Variety, is a strong choice. I still can't forget Caruso's work on The Shield, a show that I continue to love.



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