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Young Spock is found for Star Trek

ZacharyQuinto.jpgThere have been a few rumours on the real casting for J.J. Abram's Star Trek of late, not the big name cast we heard from before, and these have been quietly bubbling away, until now. It seems that Spock may just have been cast, and I don't mean Leonard Nimoy, I mean the young Spock.

Zachary Quinto from Heroes was being touted as the man to play Spock in the new Star Trek film a few weeks ago, now there's even more concrete word that his signing is a signature away.

According to Moviehole:

"I checked with a source who confirms that the Zachary Quinto-as-Spock contract is with the business affairs team at Paramount. Business affairs is generally considered the last stop on the deal-negotiation train. The deal only awaits sign-off from outside counsel."

So it appears that their earlier scoop from K.G. has been confirmed by Jen, the countract is in the final stage of being signed by Paramount, and then Quinto will be Spock.

By the looks of him I think he's a good choice, and he will carry the role of a young Spock well. He does look younger than the previously suggested Adrien Brody, and just as good.



I think he'll make a good Spock.

He naturally looks a bit Alien.


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