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Zombie's Halloween gets big reshoot?

Halloween.jpgPinch of salt and all that stuff, but there's another story out about changes on the Halloween film. This one says there's been a number of reshoots and an addition to the amount of gore and killings in the film.

We've heard before about the script rewrite and the poor script reviews, now there's been a week of reshoots, the addition of six new death sequences, and a new ending which promises to be more gruesome.

The story comes from Bloody Disgusting through AICN, and do bear in mind that it's rumour at the moment and hasn't been substantiated.

From the word go the idea of a remake of Halloween was a bad one, I don't care who is in charge, the whole concept isn't worth picking up. The original film was a classic and a defining moment, and trying to emulate that will just cheapen it. So Rob Zombie or not the poor decision had been made a long time ago.

The second mistake, I believe, was to attach Zombie to the project. Now I'm not having a go at the man himself, but his cinematic style is clearly in one direction and that's the opposite direction to where Halloween is. Of course Directors have much more in them, and there's a chance that he could have pulled in his gore and over the top aspects to produce something much more reserved, but I don't really see it happening myself.

Then we heard about the script review, then the following rewrite, then his dampening down of the story, and by this point I didn't really have much hope left.

However come the sight of the trailer and I thought that there might be something there after all.

Now though I do fear that this reeks of studio and producer control. On the 24th of March Rob Zombie had said that his film was finished and he thought it was superb, and now we're hearing that there are reshoots. I don't think that's a good sign, non-creative control at this point often suggests that there's the dollar signs in view rather than the film or the story.



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