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Abbie Cornish is next Bond girl?

AbbieCornish.jpgAbbie Cornish has been rumoured to be the Bond girl for Bond 22 from Marc Foster, but I've stayed away from it because it was seriously in the rumour mill. However there's a stronger hint that it might be true from one of her friends.

Rose Byrne was approached by a reporter and asked if she had been approached for the role of the Bond girl – why, I don't know, however – and she said that she thought that Abbie Cornish had the role.

MTV Movies Blog have the comments, and they say that both Rose Byrne and Abbie Cornish are friends so that there's more credence to this comment than one would first suspect.

Could Abbie Cornish be the next Bond girl? I certainly think she could pull it off. Who would you like to see as the next 007 stunner?



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