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Abrams secret supernatural thriller

JJAbrams.jpgJ.J. Abrams has another supernatural thriller that's a closely guarded secret, and no it's not Cloverfield. Joshua Marsten successfully pitched the idea to J.J. Abrams and Marsten is now set to write and direct the film.

There are no other details on the project, a move that J.J. Abrams is becoming quite used to, and one that works superbly well at building hype around a project, and we love it and lap it up like crazy.

In this age of over saturation by revealing trailers, multiple and extended clips online, and insider scoopers, it's perhaps a wonderful thing that one studio is trying hard to keep things under wraps, and doing it well.

The story comes from Variety through Coming Soon and reminds us that Joshua Marsten wrote and directed Maria Full of Grace and The Fortress of Solitude, now combine that with Abrams talent and I think we might have something special coming our way.



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