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Access the Shoot 'Em Up red band trailer

ShootEmUp.jpgStruggling to get into that red band trailer for Shoot 'Em Up? Struggle no more, there's a handy little bit of information you need to find your way in called the Internet.

Simply search out someone famous along with their birthdate and address and you're laughing. Why didn't I think of that before?

I just posed as George Bush to gain access to content that contained scenes of guns! Oh my lord. Thanks to /Film for the idea who also had the details of the very man below:

Name: George Bush, ZipCode: 20500, DOB: 07/06/46

Yes, it really does work. Now that I've seen the trailer I'm a very happy man. It looks great, although I have to say the level of violence and setups seems to have reached comic proportion. Still that soundtrack is going to be superb and Paul Giamatti looks like he's having fun. At least Clive Owen isn't carrying an American accent this time.

You can see the trailer over at the official site [Flash:Embed] for Shoot 'Em Up once you clear the age verification.

Or, if you'd rather not pose as someone else, Affenheimtheaterbesitzer gave us a handy link direct to the video stream right here [FLV:Stream].



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