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Alexander: Revisited The Final Cut released

Alexander_Poster.jpgThe final cut of Oliver Stone's Alexander is to be released in August in the UK and will feature a new introduction from the Director and a completely restructured film with forty-five minutes extra footage.

Alexander hasn't really done that well, whatever version we're talking about, whether it's the original or the shorter Director's Cut, and I think some of that is quite clearly down to the structure of the films. There are other issues, but the versions I've seen haven't managed to capture me and I've felt the story just glide along with me often wondering where it was going and why.

Now though that looks like Oliver Stone has addressed that issue, in his eyes anyway, and this new version is arriving on Region 2 this month according to DVD Times. Also announced are the high definition versions coming in September in the U.S.

Alexander: Revisited the Final Cut (Amazon.com / Amazon.co.uk) is a two disc special that has a two hundred and fourteen minute version of the film, and that probably does merit an intermission! This is the same version that will appear on the high definition versions too. With no other extras, just the reworked film and loads of additional footage, it all rests on the film.

According to High Def Digest the Blu-ray and HD-DVD versions will feature a full 1080p remastered picture, but disappointingly only a Dolby Digital 5.1 audio track, why not the full, raw, uncompressed audio track?

Still, this looks to be the last version of the Alexander film we'll see, although the chances are it won't be the last release as we're sure to see a complete box set release at some point in the future.



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