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Alicia Keys to lead musical biography

AliciaKeys.jpgProblem is we just don't know who yet. Alicia Keys has hinted before that she wants to play a musical star on the big screen, except when she talks about it now it seems that it might just happen, and she won't let the cat out of the bag as to who the singer is.

Alicia Keys gave a great performance in Smokin' Aces (Filmstalker review) and showed that she really can act, so now the question is who the star is that she's set to play. She gives us no hints at all, but confirms that something is on the go.

“There is one in my head but I can’t tell you. It’s this close to being solidified...If ever I’ve dreamed about something, it’s this [role]. It happens to be a mixture of both worlds. She is an entertainer.”

That's her quote from MTV Movies Blog. I'm not sure who it could be, but it sounds like she has a role lined up already. Any thoughts or suggestions for the Keys fans out there?



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