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Anderson leaves film for X-Files

GillianAnderson.jpgGillian Anderson has pulled out of a film after she discovered that it was set to clash with the new X-Files film, and so X-Files fans that means that the X-Files is definitely on.

She was set to star in a smaller film called Helen which is about a professor struggling with mental illness. The story from Digital Spy suggests that the production of the film is now in doubt because she has had to make the decision. I'm not so sure, they'll just have to find another star.

This is the closest ever to the film being made, and Gillian Anderson has pulled out of a job because this film is going to be clashing, that means filming is going to start soon. Here comes the X-Files.

Frankly though I think she should avoid it. With the story not being on the alien conspiracy theory that ran through the multiple series and the last film, this is going against what has kept the series alive so long, instead we're going to get a stand alone monster film. I'd rather see her in more films like The Last King of Scotland (Filmstalker review) and Straightheads.



I'm sad to hear that Anderson has pulled out of a job but I'm ecstatic to hear it's for the X-Files. WOOHOO!

Hi, Richard. The story you quote is based solely on the brief statement lazy pseudojournalists found on Anderson's official website. The statement mentions conflicting schedules, but does not refer to XF2. While XF2 is a strong possibility, there may be other reasons for her pulling out of "Helen". Meanwhile tabloids will probably continue to suggest she "walked out" of an indie movie because she is greedy or carefree, although in all likelihood she had a contract for X-Files 2 for years and couldn't turn it down even for a quality project. I hope she will appear in "The Smell of Apples" and "No One Gets Off In This Town" soon. She's very talented and versatile. I know this is not likely to happen, but those "Helen" people should actually wait for her.

Thanks for that LT, I did notice that there was no checkable source with that story.

Something we have to realise too is that this happens all the time. Actors get offers and offers conflict, and these offers don't just arrive in a day, there are audition processes and negotiations, and these things can take some time.

Perhaps they will wait for her, I certainly think she's a fab actress these days so she would be a great scoop.

unFame says: “X-Files 2” Gillian Anderson Bullied Again by Nazi Hollywood. anderson knew that she would have to make a statement to old hollywood’s 2007 most recent public threat towards her, in making this xfiles2—manipulating, her involvement. anderson is wise in addressing this. see, closely, her chosen words. her statements have been in two parts. 1. first was to ensure her fans that she does care for them. 2. then her recent follow up public statements screamed to old hollywood, don’t even think about fking with me or my family again. (see her bringing up her documented, 2002 untold story. response to the latter will no doubt be the doctored sex photos posted with hollywood’s gossip sites, when negotiating|threatening oh, have you seen (don’t be mislead by the date on the article):
A Lot Of Questions Here: did she give her permission for the photos displayed? ...how did they get the photos? ...why can’t anderson fight back? ...who do you think owns or controls that site? ...why haven’t duchovny, carter, spotnitz, who are in the article attached to the photos, not protested—why did they not protest anderson’s abuse in 2002? ...is anderson being blackmailed? what would you do if all abandoned you while Nazis stole your first motherhood—under contract—2002—tried to destroy your rep, and ability to work again in your field ever? what would you do if this perpetrator publicly, freely raped your life, your only daughter’s life—while co-workers watched on, 2002--then returned in 5 years insisting you work for them? if anderson does xfiles2 it’s likely that there’s something extreme over her. the aug 2007 script excuse, really might be when calling anderson to show up on set the only response is...ring, ring!...ring, ring!...ring, ring! best wishes, thanks for having me

Eh? What are you talking about? I'm considering removing this comment because it has nothing to do with the article here, unless you'd care to explain it?


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