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Ang Lee has integrity

AngLee.jpgI like the fact that Ang Lee's latest film Lust, Caution has received an NC-17 in the U.S., only because they've stuck with the film and let the MPAA slap that mark on it. After all, the U.S. needs to be protected from seeing sexual scenes don't they? It's only the most natural thing on the planet whereas killing and maiming people isn't. Mmm...okay, maybe it is.

Well done to Ang Lee and the studio for accepting the rating and going with it. Not only that but it would seem the studio, Focus Features, had no real quandary about accepting the rating as they accepted the same day, according to Variety.

“Oscar-winning director Ang Lee has crafted a masterpiece about and for grown-ups”

Are the words of the Focus CEO James Schamus. Well done you sir, for having a mature outlook and not hacking the film to bits to try and get a younger audience in the hope that it increases profits.

Variety describe the film as depicting

“extended — and vigorous — lovemaking from a variety of provocative sexual positions.”

Oh sweet lord! Quick, replace all those sequences with people brutalising bodies with hacksaws, swords and guns and perhaps we'll get a nice PG-13! Oh come on you antiquated victorian society. It's sex. We all do it (hopefully), it's the most natural thing in the world.

The concern is that the NC-17 rating might knock Lust, Caution out of competition for the Oscars. Personally I think that might be a good thing, if it's a good enough film it will rake in awards from all over the world and the Oscars will snub it over sex, and the other ceremonies will benefit.

There aren't that many NC-17 films that have made it to the Oscars, and perhaps that's because everyone is so afraid to receive a rating that they stop their films from becoming NC-17. Perhaps the Oscars are more grown up than the MPAA, and the more NC-17 films that reach the nominations might get them to open their eyes to the real world a little more.



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