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Angelina Jolie on the Wanted set

AngelinaJolieViper.jpgAngelina Jolie is currently filming Wanted, the film adaptation of Mark Millar's graphic novel series. There are some pictures available of her on the set, whilst filming in a Dodge Viper with guns. Yes that's right Angelina Jolie, a hot car and guns. What more could any red blooded man want?

Here you go courtesy of Just Jared through Coming Soon.



I'll tell you what, the whole lot there, but closer to the camera...or if we're really talking, in real life.

Actually, as much as I love the publicity shots of Angelina Jolie or seeing her on screen, in the real shots she looks painfully thin.

That's because is painfully thin right now! My goodness she looks like a bobble head. The woman is gorgeous, but right now she looks sick. I hope she puts some meat on those bones because in my opinion she is so much hotter with curves. heh


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