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Another film to join Bollywood and Hollywood

It seems that there is a move to bring Hollywood and Bollywood closer together these days, and the latest film to attempt that is The Other End of the Line, a romantic comedy that brings together an American and Indian. Tracey Jackson wrote the screenplay and James Dodson is directing.

Ashok Amritraj's Hyde Park Entertainment has started the project, according to Variety, and the film already has Jesse Metcalfe set to star.

It tells the story of an Indian call centre operator who travels all the way to America to be with a man she's only talked to on the phone. The plot sounds incredibly implausible and filled with romantic pulp as many Hollywood films are.

However it is a distinct step towards bringing these two culturally different film industries together, undoubtedly the two biggest in the world.

Does it sound as though it is going to be a coming together, or is it more like a Hollywood move towards making more Bollywood friendly films to try and market and sell their product to an audience that is firmly rooted in Bollywood?



Noble intentions and all, but these films don't really 'feel' right. As an example, saw Marigold recently and though it has a slight flavour of both I find it easily falls under a category where it does justice to neither industry .. Shall wait and see ...


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