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Another Karloff remake chosen

BorisKarloff.jpgA little while ago we heard about the deal between RKO and Twisted Pictures to remake a few Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi classic horror films, films that really did help define the onscreen monster horror. Another film has been added to that list, Isle of the Dead.

This 1945 horror Isle of the Dead has Boris Karloff playing a Greek military commander who is stationed on a small island during an outbreak of a strange plague. The island is quarantined as the residents being to die from the disease. A vampire type demon is suspected as the source.

According to The Hollywood Reporter Brian Horiuchi and Matt Lazarus are being hired to write the adaptation and will change the premise to a viral outbreak in Afghanistan. Hopefully there's still a monster at the end of it and it's not a 24-terrorist type ploy.

I actually think that these horror films can be remade, because there's so much that modern cinema can offer them, as well as the modern world can offer the stories. Storytelling and cinema have become much more complex since then, and with better offerings, however it's ultimate fate remains in the hands of the writers and the as yet unknown Director.



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