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Another new Director for Dallas

JREwing.jpgI don't think the idea of a Dallas film is going to die, either does John Travolta who is still attached to the role of J.R. Ewing. Now though the film is most definitely heading down the comedy route with the possible new Director Betty Thomas.

Betty Thomas filmed The Brady Bunch and Doctor Dolittle and would be taking over from the previously announced Gurinder Chadha who we heard had left the production after replacing replace Robert Luketic. Yes, it seems a chequered history is being written for this film before our very eyes and the latest installment comes from Variety.

I think the comic/parody route for Dallas is the wrong way to go and that they should head for an all out drama. We've seen enough of the old television shows taken back down the film comedy route and it's just something that seems to struggle every time.

However let's be fair, Thomas has also filmed the excellent 28 Days, a film I really liked and gave Sandra Bullock one of her strongest roles, so the drama is there. Still, the comedy outweighs that in her career.

Travolta is keen on this though, he's sitting there and not budging, and we've seen the film go through Directors, cast and scripts alike. I wonder if we'll ever see this as a film and if it'll just be too late and too comic for it's own good.



They need to give this up already. No one wants to see this anymore. Now, a Dynasty movie would be something else...

Oh come off it. Any of these films are daft now...unless they make it completely serious, now that might work. The story of an oil empire run by one sociopath? I'd say that sounds like a good story.


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