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Another Wicker Man remake

FayeDunaway.jpgThe real Wicker Man remake, or re-imagining if you really have to hide behind something, is set to begin. This isn't some second class remake though, this comes from the Director of the original Wicker Man film, itself adapted from the Anthony Schaffer novel.

Cowboys for Christ is the name of the film and it comes from the Writer and Director Robin Hardy who brought us the original spooky film, and this one is set to start filming in September in Scotland and Texas.

The original film was about a Policeman sent to a remote island off mainland Scotland to investigate the disappearance of a young girl, a girl that everyone on the island claims never even existed...well almost everyone. Soon he begins to see that there's more to the island than meets the eye, and more to the reason for his journey.

The re-imagining is similar to the original, but now we have two young Christians who leave Texas and head to Scotland to travel across the country and preach the word of their god to all who will listen. After a very poor reception in most places they visit – sounds about right! - they come to the small village of Tressock. It's here that they are most warmly welcomed.

According to Moviehole this re-imagining is set to star Christopher Lee and Faye Dunaway. Now that is a superb cast right there. He also has the casting calls for the two young leads, the two who will be caught up in the strange rituals of the villagers.

They are looking for two early twenties for Beth and Steve, the two young Christians. In the full write-up for Beth there's a little more of the back story to their arrival at the village. Now if you haven't seen The Wicker Man or the terrible remake, this might have some spoilers in it for you.

“On a trip to Scotland to both perform at an arts festival and spread the word of Christ to the "heathens" of Glasgow, Beth is invited to visit a borderland estate and castle on a secluded island belonging to a Scottish Laird -- but once there, she soon learns that her charming invitation to be crowned the "Queen Of The May" is part of a complex, horrific pagan rite, designed to test her Faith and ultimately destroy her.”

Well it seems a very similar story, although I wonder why there has to be a couple involved now. It seems a little like the move they did in the Hitcher remake. Still, at least this is from the original Director, if not the original Writer. It could hold something interesting, and surely it's destined to be better than the first attempt at a remake with Nicolas Cage in a bear suit punching women.



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