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As You Like It teaser, interview and photos

KennethBranagh.jpgWe've already seen the trailer for As You Like It, but at the same time I found that I discovered the HBO site for the film, and on it there are a few interesting pieces including an interview with Kenneth Branagh and a short teaser [Flash:Embed] for the film.

“I think one is obliged to consider what the cinema can do to reveal the story of the play that the theatre can't do in the same way. I'm not suggesting one is better than the other, but simply, what can the medium do? Why do it in the cinema?

And, for me, the answer became about the elements of the story that my experience of doing the play in the theatre seemed to hint at and which might be brought out in the cinema in a different way...

...it was extraordinary to see someone like Kevin Kline - of extraordinary experience, and quite frankly, a star emerging before our very eyes in the way that Bryce Dallas Howard met Rosalind.”

For those who are fans of Kenneth Branagh, and in particular his Shakespearean works, then you'll find the interview quite interesting.

There's also a selection of stills from the film showing some of the characters and settings, the Japanese locations looking superb and seemingly adding a unique take to the story of As You Like It.

I'm really looking forward to As You Like It, and I have to say I've never felt let down by any of Branagh's Shakespearean adaptations, in fact each has been better and better and added a unique take every time. I can't heap enough praise on the man.



Weeeeeeeeee! That's wicked! Thanks Richard!


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