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Atkinson says no more Bean or Blackadder

MrBean.jpg...and the world rejoices. Rowan Atkinson, who plays the character of Mr Bean, has just seen the release of the second film Mr. Bean's Holiday on DVD, but he says there's unlikely to be a third.

He doesn't like to do too many too often so he expects that the third one would come along in ten years, as did the second one after Mr Bean first hit the screens, and by then he'd be too old. To be honest he says he's too old now.

“I am feeling a bit old for it actually or I think I soon will be. I don’t like to work very much or very often so it means to wait ten years to make a sequel is in Hollywood terms ridiculous. We would be on Bean 4 or 5 now if it was a Hollywood franchise. But because it is just something that I do when I can be bothered it only happens every ten years.”

Is what he had to say over at Moviehole, and I for one am insanely happy. Now get that Steve Martin to say the same for Pink Panther and the Apocalypse is over.

It's a shame though in the interview Rowan Atkinson kills the idea of a reappearance of a much better and more liked character than Mr Bean, Blackadder.

“No, no chance.”

Were his words when asked about seeing him again, and I think that's the real sad part of this story. He should have dumped that awful character of Bean ages ago and we should have seen a film release for Blackadder. How much better would that have been?



Uh, it's more than a little unfair to call Mr Bean a dreadful character. The earlier Bean stuff was far better than the later stuff, and the films are nowhere near as good as the early works. But through Mr Bean, Atkinson bought back the brilliance of silent comedy in today's modern and developed society. And, more importantly, he did it superbly. Which is quite a feat.

Blackadder was also brilliant, but there's been enough of it. There was more for Bean to do, but now there's also been enough of him. Atkinson, I think, realises that.


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