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Barker confused on Hellraiser remake

CliveBarker.jpgThe remake of Hellraiser is in a state of confusion according to the creator Clive Barker. The remake has Barker as the screenwriter and producer, but even he doesn't know what's happening with the project.

You know that some remakes you would like to see because they could be updated in more ways than just effects and younger actors, and I think Hellraiser is one of those films. Clive Barker does too, although he doesn't want to direct, he does want to get the story right though.

From the previous story when Clive Barker announced it on his own site, he seemed very positive and said that Bob Weinstein had asked him on board. Now though, he's saying he hasn't a clue what's happening. From AICN through Moviehole:

“I have waited for a long time to see somebody give me a clue. You know, “Are we doing this or are we not doing this?” “Is it happening or is it not happening?” Nobody seems to know and I’m not going to hold my breath while I wait, because it’s frustrating”

Now there's no mention of if he's actually written the screenplay and submitted it, or the hold up is well before that. Either way it rings kind of true with the Weinstein's holding up some projects, particularly horror. Sin City 2, the Grindhouse debacle, and now this. Could the Weinstein's be backing up some projects to see if they can recover from Grindhouse, or to see where horror is going in general?

If Sin City 2 and Hellraiser are the ones that are going to suffer then I think there'll be quite a bit of disappointment out there.



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