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Bay goes back to HD-DVD

MichaelBay.jpgMichael Bay has pulled back on his original statement when he said that he might not do a Transformers 2 if Transformers wasn't released on Blu-ray as well as HD-DVD. Well there goes my new found respect, he's not so much about the consumer and he's siding with the studio war.

On his site he even confirms that this move is about the future cost of HD players and their cost, something I find quite a strange argument in this whole decision from Paramount and DreamWorks, the future cost of hardware?

Well never mind quality, the fact that Blu-ray is outselling HD-DVD two to one, and never mind offering the consumer choice. I think Steven Spielberg has the right idea, get his films released on both formats and leave it up to the consumer to choose, that means he's target all three of those high definition buyers in those statistics instead of just the one.

Michael Bay has fallen fowl of the immediacy of the blog, something companies really do hate and I've fallen fowl of myself. Say something and it's immediately available and online for everyone to read and interpret.

In his post today he makes it clear that he was talking to friends the other night while having a quiet chat and got wound up by their frustrations and came home and posted.

“So today I saw 300 on HD-DVD, it rocks!”

Wow, did he get to compare it against the Blu-ray offering? Is this not swallowing the Paramount line? Once again, like the VHS and Betamax debate I'm wondering if the consumer is at the front of these decisions. What's best for them? How are they speaking so far? I think that answer is clear with the 2 to 1 statistic.



Hehe that made me chuckle- I guess that is the downside of blogging!

I totally agree about dual releases on BR and HDDVD (although I'm personally more interested in a download/broadcast service).

Further proof that Michael bay is a total ass

Well, I dont think he´s an ass for saying this, in his original post he didnt say that he hated HD DVD, he just said that he wanted his film to be released in all formats, the best ones, but not that he didnt like HD DVD...right?

So his posting of how good 300 is on Hd DVD doesnt mean anything...at least to me it doesnt.

Actually Spielberg is probably more pro Blu-Ray than anything. Take note that his first high def release Close Encounters is currently Blu-Ray only.

There's a release I'm really looking forward to Martin. I love that film and that boxset looks wonderful.


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