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Berg Directs Navy Seal sole survivor

PeterBerg.jpgPeter Berg is a cracking actor but an even better Director, and his upcoming The Kingdom is set to prove that from all accounts. The latest project he's been attached to is called Lone Survivor and is based on the story of a Navy Seal who was the sole survivor of a team sent into Afghanistan on a mission to kill a Taliban leader.

The story follows Marcus Luttrell who had been the sole survivor of a rocket attack on his four man team in Afghanistan. He had been blown clear of the explosion but had, according to the Washington Post, a broken nose, three cracked vertebrae, his face shredded and his legs filled with rock and metal shrapnel.

Above him the rescue helicopter was hovering, responding to the emergency beacon he'd managed to switch on, but they couldn't see him and he couldn't speak or move to attract their attention.

The story might well be Peter Berg's next according to Variety, and looks set to be a powerful one. Luttrell and Berg got together on the set of his current terrorist tale The Kingdom, and that friendship help seal the deal.

I'm a big fan of Berg so I'm expecting strong things from this story, although the chance of it turning into something overly patriotic is strong.



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