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Film Two Stars

Let me just say up front that this film wasn't one of my original picks, truth be known this was a filler for a gap I had in my viewing schedule, but it did surprise me with its performances and touching story, if it was as dark as its name suggests.

Blackbird is the story of a thirty two year old junkie who, with the help of a new found friend, gets another shot at sorting his life out. On the way up he meets a stripper and they get together and against all odds begin to make something of their lives. However life has a way of bringing out the surprises, and they aren't always positive.

Blackbird is a very bleak and dark drama, in fact it was so dark it took the high (pardoning the expression) out of having just seen the excellent and uplifting In the Shadow of the Moon.

It is a dark film, and not just in its tone but also in its picture. I found that at times it was difficult to follow, some of the scenes are incredibly dark, however it does match the feeling of the film.

Dark it is, and although the characters do take an upturn and look towards the positive, their destructive nature outs and they find themselves at a junction with some clear choices.

I did find it hard to get sympathetic and therefore connect with the characters when the natural instinct was to judge them for their actions, which tended to be self-centered and defeatist. However there was still something appealing about their story, about them being together, and while they were the better people together you felt something of a hope, of a change for them, and at every possible about turn I was willing them forward.

The performance of Paul Sparks as Baylis was superb. I was thoroughly convinced by his character, and Gillian Jacobs who plays Froggy was very touching.

Depressing as the tale is, there are also some warming things to be found, the relationship between the couple and the warmth that they show each other is heartwarming, as are their new found selfless actions and beliefs in each other.

There's much darkness here, but there's still some glimmer of human hope through it all, and the touching relationship between the two is a spark of light.

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