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Bond 22 end sequence revealed

JamesBond.jpgWell the ending isn't actually revealed, but the end action sequence is described. So while the ending of the plot isn't given away we do hear where the final chase sequence is going to take place, and this one sounds like a cracker.

It appears that in Bond 22, Bond will be chasing the villain through the traditional horse race of Palio di Siena. As the horses race by, Bond will pursue the villain through the cobbled streets and across the rooftops.

The event is held twice a year with one of them happening in three days, so you can expect them to be filming filler and background scenes, and the actual shoot will most likely take place with stunt teams and their horses.

From over at Times Online through Commander Bond and Obsessed With Film comes the information on the Bond 22 sequence.

Apparently there's some unhappiness about the filming of the sequence here because horses lives are endangered during the race, in fact over fifty have been killed since 1970. Well you only have to look at any horse race with jumps to see the danger they are put in, so racing through cobbled streets sounds even tougher. I always wonder if they should shoot the rider as well as the horse when the horse is hurt.

Should films have more responsibility portraying events like this? Should these few hours of entertainment take on a moral high ground and preach to others, or is that for others to do?

Regardless of the ethics, that's going to be a great climactic scene for the next Bond. Now we need to start finding out a little about the story, the villain, and who that Bond girl is going to be admist the many rumours.



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