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Brave One and D-War clips online

JodieFoster.jpgThere are a couple of TV spots online for Jodie Foster's The Brave One, a film I'm really looking forward to, as well as a new trailer for the CGI heavy D-War aka Dragon Wars, which is making me think of Cloverfield more and more.

The Brave One stars Jodie Foster as a woman whose life is destroyed by a single event. Out walking one evening with her husband and dog they are brutally attacked and left for dead. Her husband does just that, dies that is, and she is left in a coma. When she recovers she is a very different person and decides to head for revenge rather than spend her life being afraid.

HorrorMovies.ca have a couple of TV spots that are advertising the film and which give us a few more clips of her in action. You can see them both over the page.

Meanwhile there's a new English trailer for D-War online, and while this trailer is put together a whole lot better than the rest, it still doesn't look great. I think it's the fact that the effects look matt and flat compared to the rest of the screen and they are so obviously CGI. I'm just not sure. Is this going to be the poor man's Cloverfield? D-War is about, well, Dragons appearing in modern day America...there's other stuff in there too but really it's giant dragons fighting against the city backdrop and destroying it.

The trailer comes through HorrorMovies.ca and you can see it over the page.

The Brave One TV Spot 1

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The Brave One TV Spot 2

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D-War trailer

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