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Broadbent and Richardson join Young Victoria

JimBroadbent.jpgJim Broadbent and Miranda Richardson have just signed up for the Martin Scorsese film about Queen Victoria. It already stars Emily Blunt and Rupert Friend, and sees Jean-Marc Vallee directing a Julian Fellowes script,

The Young Victoria is a film that will focus on the Queen's younger years during her romance and marriage to Prince Albert, a time that also saw her reign go through many difficulties. The casting announcements come from Yahoo News.

The Young Victoria is to be played by Emily Blunt with Jim Broadbent playing her Uncle King William IV who passed away and allowed Victoria to gain the throne. Miranda Richardson will be playing Victoria's mother, the Duchess of Kent, and Rupert Friend is set to play her husband, Prince Albert. The excellent Mark Strong also stars.

It sounds a great period of history, and there's already a great cast on board, not to mention the excellent script of Julian Fellowes. Definitely one to watch out for don't you think?



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